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Framed prints and handcrafted products for retail stockists only
We supply mirrors framed with our selection of mouldings in a range of sizes.
Examples from our developing range of Liquid Art mirrors and mirrors with ceramics can be found in our Products Gallery.
Please note that while every endeavour is made to keep stock of each line in this range available, extended lead times may occasionally be inevitable: if any piece is required for a particular event or occasion, please do therefore check availability.  Mirrors with a glass size of over 90cm x 60cm are heavy and extra care should be taken when either lifting or hanging these pieces. Please note in particular that such mirrors should be attached directly to secure wall-fixings adequate for their weight, and should not be hung using wire or picture hooks.
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PS    W:78mm
WQ     W:82mm
CQ     W:82mm
SQ     W:82mm
LQ     W:82mm
GQ     W:82mm
BQ     W:82mm
Our range of mirrors have the following glass sizes in inches. The frame size depends on the choice of moulding used. Price codes in ( ).

30" x 20"   (H)
36" x 24"   (J)
40" x 30"   (M)
48" x 24"   (M)

Mirror Selection
The Mirror Range
Mirrors can be framed in the same moulding to match any framed print.
RBL    W:78mm
OV     W:74mm
SPS    W:78mm
DSM     W:88mm
BGM     W:88mm
BSM     W:88mm