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Liquid Art is our series of framed prints that have been beautifully embellished by UK artists, incorporating genuine Swarovski crystals to give the finished piece a 3 dimensional effect and eye-catching sparkle.
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IG7271LA Coralie II (R3)
Silver Squares Right Liquid Art CC203LA  83 x 83 cm (R3)

IG6871pLA Sensual Colour (S2)
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Burning Blackjack CC113LAb
55 x 55 cm (H)
Praying for Seven CC112LAb
55 x 55 cm (H)
Money to Burn CC114LAb
55 x 55 cm (H)
Purple Sphere Liquid Art CC200LA
72 x 122 cm (S2)

Silver Squares Left Liquid Art CC202LA  83 x 83 cm (R3)

IG6869LA Color of Kiss (R3)

IG7273LA Fruity Kiss II (R3)
87 x 87 cm
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