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Framed prints and handcrafted products for retail stockists only
Our main collection of framed prints is split into themes: Florals, Landscapes, Figures Cityscapes, Abstract and Exclusive Photography. Each image is specifically matched to a frame that is complementary in both style and colour. New prints are released two or three times a year by each of our publishers, and the best of these are added to our range each season.
Our show vans are always available to visit by appointment to stockists in your area. 
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Moulding Options
We stock a  wide range of moulding profiles, colours and finishes.  The mouldings shown here are from our main range and these are updated regularly to ensure that the styles keep pace with broader furnishing trends. (To view larger images click on each image).

White Slip   W:45mm
WQ     W:82mm
CQ     W:82mm
LQ     W:82mm
GQ     W:82mm
SPS    W:78mm
PS    W:78mm
DSM    W:88mm
BGM    W:88mm
BSM    W:88mm
SQ     W:82mm
BQ     W:82mm
RBL    W:78mm
OV     W:74mm
RO Moulding
RS Moulding
Framed Prints