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CC458LA Silver Ring (S2) Liquid Art
72 x 122 cm
Golden Spheres IG6161LA
also available with Liquid Art. 72 x 122 cm
Many of our abstract prints have a bold eye-catching design, some have dynamic movement, colour and texture. They are striking additions to a contemporary interior settings. The Liquid Art otpion compliments this range very well.
More designs can be found in our Products Gallery. Some abstract prints can be made with our additional Liquid Art finish.
AD005LAC Imaginary Worlds Red I (S1)
AD004LAC Imaginary Worlds Aqua II (S1)
AD003LAC Imaginary Worlds Aqua I (S1)
AD006LAC Imaginary Worlds Red II (S1)
Detail of Golden Spheres IG6161 with Liquid Art.
CC457LA Planet Reflections (S2) Liquid Art
72 x 122 cm 
A range of exclusive prints designed by artist Alison Dando and embellished with Liquid Art and hand made ceramics. - see more here
Abstract Framed Prints
Framed Abstract Prints
Ceramic Cosmos
Shimmering Delights
Fabulous New abstracts available with a Liquid Art finish.
CC460LA Pensée II Liquid Art (S1)
CC498LA Pensée I Liquid Art (S1)
93 x 93 cm