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Ceramic Cosmos
New range of specially designed prints by UK artist, embellished with handcrafted Ceramic pieces and Liquid Art.
Welcome to Complete Colour
We have a range of stunning metal wall art with intricate sweeping marks, smoke trails and glowing coloured accents. Click here to view all the new wall panels.
Each framed landscape panel measures 69 x 169 cm
Price Code (T) with Liquid Art
of London & Brighton
118.3 x 49.5 cm  Price Code (M)
118.3 x 59.7 cm Price Code (M)
Whats New.....
School of Fish Complete Colour's new range of original 3D cast art -  'School of Fish'  are proving to be a great catch.
75 x 133 cm Price Code (T)
CC460LA Pensée II Liquid Art (S1)
AG018 Intertwined
AG017 Floral Bouquet
AG013LA Smoke Trails
AG005 Ocean Wave
AG015 Flames
AG016 Deceleration
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